Our Worship Service

Join us for worship every Sunday at 10 a.m.!  All ages are welcome!

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 A Warm Welcome. When you come to visit we promise to greet you warmly. We will give you a service bulletin that describes the order of worship, the hymns, and readings, and the words are also on the screen at the front of the sanctuary. You will find Bibles and hymnals on the back of the pew in front of you. A nursery is provided for infants and toddlers if you wish; and there are classes for your children described below.

Communion. On the first Sunday of each month we celebrate Communion in remembrance of Jesus’ sharing at table with his disciples. Everyone is invited to participate as they wish, no matter how old you are or what tradition you come from. You are welcome to participate and if you’d rather not, that’s okay too. The format for Communion varies somewhat and is explained in that day’s bulletin.

Children in Worship. Children of all ages are WELCOME in worship!  Most Sundays, children join us for the first part of the worship service.  Then after Story Time, children go to Sunday School classes or to the nursery during the rest of the worship service time.  Children are also always welcome to stay for all of worship with their families if you wish.  On the first Sunday of the month, the classes return for the last part of the service to celebrate Communion with their family.  There are worship bags in the entry to the church for children with quiet activities they can do during church, and the bags are returned to their hooks each week so they’re ready for the following Sunday.

We Sing. We sing many songs during our worship to God. This is a communal activity that helps to bind us together as a congregation and show our love for God. Our hymnal contains over 600 songs from cultures all over the world. You can sing if you want or simply listen.

We Pray. We offer prayers to God. We celebrate blessings from God. We ask God for guidance and care. We pray that God will comfort the sick and afflicted, be with those who are traveling, and give guidance to our nation’s and the world’s leaders. Our prayers are heartfelt!

We Hear a Lesson. We hear readings from the Bible and a sermon that really is based on those readings. We gain insight into the Bible readings and learn how to apply them in our day and time. We promise you will learn a lot and you will feel strengthened by the message preached.

We Contribute. We take up a weekly collection for the work of the church here, but we do not expect our visitors to contribute. After all, you are visiting.

We Have Cookies. After the service you are invited to join us in the social hall for cookies, healthy snacks too, punch, tea and coffee. Our fair-trade coffee and tea come from our partners at Equal Exchange and are also for sale for you to take home!  Each week after worship we gather for fellowship and to get acquainted.  There’s also often special programs,classes, and guest speakers at 11:30 a.m.

We want you to feel comfortable.  Some of us wear jeans and some of us like to dress up a little more.  Some of us need to move around or use the restroom during worship.  Some of us cry a little during worship – usually the babies.  Some of us are in wheelchairs and sit in the open spaces provided next to the shorter pews.  Some of us color on our bulletins during worship.  You are welcome here, however you dress, and however you worship.

We Hope You Return!

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